Co-Founder, Bud Johnson

Since 1972, Bud Johnson has worked with industrial, commercial, and retail businesses helping build profitable businesses.

Mr. Johnson has been a CEO, President, Chairman, and Director since 1989 of companies ranging from multi-national, publically traded to start-ups.

As a Vistage Chair, Mr. Johnson works with CEOs and Key employees to develop better leaders that make better decisions and achieve better results.  Mr. Johnson’s clients range from small privately owned companies to multi-national private and publically traded companies.  As a business coach to CEOs of small and medium size companies, Mr. Johnson is asked “What can I do to help our younger employees understand and contribute to our business?”


Co-Founder, John F. Graham

As president of Frontline Resources, Inc., John has been moving company performance to new levels for 20 years.   He authored I Want A Better Life (Steps to the Next Level) and Why Give 100%, I Just Work Here. Successful consulting principles used to lead companies through the steps to the next higher levels of performance expand to reach the personal needs of individuals seeking to reach their own objectives of success.

John coaches and assists companies in their journey to achieve heightened performance.  By isolating the key business processes and identifying their relative effectiveness, he seeks clarification of the new desired levels of performance for each process.  In addition, a road map for success is designed so there is no misunderstanding on how to get there and how to continue the progress.  John will take you through the improvement process and help you personally lock into your new level of achievement.

John shares his ideas at conventions, association meetings, and client company events and is a welcomed and accomplished motivational speaker.  Attendees conclude that their participation in John’s sessions motivated them to move their personal lives and their companies to new levels of performance and profitability.

You will also find John’s articles in national magazines.  John holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA.