Communication is not just what we hear.  When it's one-on-one or to an audience,  what we say, how we say it and our body language implies a lot.  Our confidence at the podium is everything.

How do you "kill the fear" of presenting to an audience? Did you know that fear of public speaking rates higher than the fear of death by 2 to 1?

That is why we devote so much time to this topic in the Accelerated Professionals training.  We break down the process and give you live training and critique.  In a small group setting, we learn about what the focus of the message should be - the "journey to one" and give out weekly topics that give you the opportunity to talk about things you know.  Things you have a comfort level with.  Practice makes perfect.  First we have you craft a 1 minute presentation and present it to your small group.  Then we have you move up to a 2 minute presentation given to the class.

Your success depends on these things:

  • Know your material.  Be a SME (Subject Matter Expert) It's easy to talk about what you know.
  • Practice.  Don't memorize your speech.  Put some talking points on index cards or your iPad if that helps.  You know the material, the talking points help you stay mentally organized and on the path to your "journey to one".
  • Dress confidently.  If you look marvelous, you'll feel marvelous.  It's not called a "power suit" for nothing.
  • Video critique yourself.  You know how to take a selfie.  Do it with a video camera in your power suit and see what your audience will see.  You may surprise yourself.
  • Enact Murphy's Law.  Well, in your mind.  Bring an extra shirt, an extra power cord, look at your teeth for poppy seeds from your lunch bagel and leave early.
  • Don't aim for perfection.  No one is perfect - everyone knows that.  Even if your power suit makes you feel like you have super powers, someone may show up to your talk and toss a piece of kryptonite at you.  Just remember, the good guys always win. Take mistakes, misspoken words and anything else that is unexpected and have fun with it.

We have a place for you among other professional superheros who need to practice their podium skills and more.  Join Accelerated Professionals for 7 consecutive Friday mornings of learning, fun and self-discovery.




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