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What If You Could Improve Your Company’s Communication By 25%?

By John F. Graham

I just finished watching the movie “Lucy,” starring Scarlett Johansson, in which a professor who researches the human brain (Morgan Freeman), tells the class that most animals only use a small percentage of their brain capacity.  As humans we use about 10% of our brain capacity and in comparison, dolphins use about 20% of their brains resulting in some amazing sonar (I am wondering how scientists measure it).   In the movie, Lucy is exposed to some new (not yet legal) drug related to human growth hormones which causes her brain usage to continue to function at a growing rate well beyond normal human capacity.  The results are incredible.

When we begin consulting engagements with clients who want to increase productivity, we often start with employee interviews to find out what is right with the company and what is wrong with the company.  Most all of the employees say “we don’t communicate enough.”   This usually baffles the executives who are overwhelmed with communication.  The truth is the employees mean they are not sure they are getting all the right messages about the company, the customers, and the future.

The danger: When a communication void is left in the company, the employees fill the void with bad information.  Employees start fearing the company is like a ship with no rudder and think “are we going to hit the rocks and sink?”

Now I ask the question: what if your company could improve its communication by just 25%?  Most every employee agrees this would make a huge difference.   If this is so valuable, why haven’t most companies done it already?  Most executives are so busy communicating, they rarely see the need to communicate more.  But once the executives come to grips with this one result from the employee interviews, they then begin to ask “how can we communicate better?”

The results usually include:

  • Develop a clear strategy - Share the strategy with everyone
  • Share customer progress with everyone
  • Identify a number of critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  Track them and share the results with everyone
  • Make sure the executives talk to all the people in periodic group meetings

Clients who implement these actions usually improve communication beyond 25% with incredible results.

Getting to 25% clarity is a process best undertaken with a communication expert, someone who can get between the message and the recipient and objectively determine whether the communication is easily understood, appropriate for all levels of receiver and offers measurable results.


John F. Graham is Co-Founder of Accelerated Professionals.  Accelerated Professionals is a course for young professionals that bridges the gap between business operations and the board room.  If you're looking to increase your prospects of moving from support staff to management, our short 6 week course will give you the boost you need to present yourself confidently and get the executive staff to lean in when you speak. 

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