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Accelerate the Growth Potential of Young Professionals to Become the Leaders of Tomorrow

Recent research shows that companies are seriously understaffed in the number of professional employees in the approximate 30 – 50 year old age range. This is far below what is needed to support the demands of upper management in the coming years as more Baby Boomers retire.

These demographic trends are putting pressure on the young professionals to develop their leadership skills even faster.  These young professionals will ultimately need to reach leadership maturity a full 8 to 10 years faster than the pace of past generations.

The bottom line is: There are too few Generation X’ers to fill all the leadership spots that are being vacated by the Boomers.

The Accelerated Professionals course is ½ Presentation Skills and ½ Mini-MBA.  The course teaches participants how to squelch nervousness to a minimum and incorporate techniques which allow the real message to shine through.  Leaders must be able to communicate in person: one-on-one as well as one-to-many.

Accelerated Professionals Coaching for Managers and Executives

Leaders are developed not made, imitated, or learned.  Just like any professional, executive leaders and key managers will be helped with qualified, experienced professional coaching.  Accelerated Professionals offers executive and management coaching for those committed to improving their leadership skills.  The minimium recommended coaching sessions are for two hours every other month.  However, typically we coach individuals two sessions per month, each lasting 2 to 2 1/2 hours per session.  With prescheduling, we can customize a program to work with your busy schedule, including meeting for an early dinner immediately after the work day.

Accelerated Professionals Co-Founders John Graham, and Bud Johnson will provide coaching tailored to the individual’s and company’s needs.  The objective of the coaching is to help the individual understand their strengths and weaknesses.  A plan is developed to help the individual move to his/her higher level of desired performance.  The coaching sessions are designed to leverage the strengths and help the individual delegate task to others with the strengths to perform the tasks at lower levels.

By becoming a better leader, the individual will make better decisions with better results.

Leaders speak. Speakers lead.

The content and lecture of the program are designed specifically to teach young leaders the ‘language of the executive suite.’   The goal of this training experience is to turn out young professionals who are ‘Business Savvy & Presentation Ready.’